How does the Hold Your Own Keys Powered by Casa work and what are the fees?

The Hold Your Own Keys Powered by Casa option means you are using the best of the best when it comes to collaborative multi-sig storage and that you will have access to the Casa app plus any hardware wallet that you choose to be in full control of your Bitcoin. The added benefit of this is you will know all your deposit addresses and be able to check them in a block explorer anytime you would like.

The set up fee for this option is $500 for the first year which includes your trust formation and one year of multi-sig Gold level tier with casa. On an annual basis moving forward the cost will be $125 to maintain your trust and $120 for the gold level tier of multi-sig.

Every custody model has the same transaction fees for digital asset purchases and sales:


Trade Size

Fee (per trade)

Under $50


$50 – $99.99


$100 – $249,999.99


$250,000 – $499,999.99




Any Bitcoin not moved over to Casa multi-sig after purchase will incur the annual 1% custody fee, which is billed monthly as 0.083% of the average market value of your Bitcoin in the last 30 days.