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Frequently Asked Questions: Fair Market Valuation (FMV)

Have questions regarding market value updates? We're here to help.

  1. Why do I have to complete a Fair Market Valuation?

    Answer: As a qualified custodian, we are required to obtain a fair market value annually for each investment held by our account owners. We use the information you provide on the Fair Market Valuation to update the value of your asset and the updated information is submitted to the IRS.

  2. What version of the Fair Market Valuation form do I need to complete?

    Answer: If you are completing the form for assets such as a trust, LLC, or Hold Your Own Keys, you need to complete the Fair Market Valuation: LLC or Trust form. For every other asset, you will complete the standard Fair Market Valuation form.

  3. Can I complete one form for all of my assets?
    Answer: Yes, you can list additional assets on the second page of the standard Fair Market Valuation form. However, we do require the Fair Market Valuation: LLC or Trust form submitted for each LLC/Trust that is owned by the IRA.
  4. How do I know which assets I need to include on the form?
    Answer: A Fair Market Valuation is required for all alternative assets that we are unable to obtain a valuation for. For example, real estate, private equity, private lending, etc. If the IRA owns a single-member LLC or trust, all assets held within will need to be itemized on the Fair Market Valuation: LLC or Trust form.
  5. Where can I find the value of my asset?

    Answer: Depending on the type of asset that you hold, you could find the value of your asset on value update statements, bank statements, or by contacting the company you purchased the asset from. If your IRA owns a Hold Your Own Keys trust, please itemize the digital assets held within the trust. 

  6. Do I have to fill out the form or can someone else do it for me?
    Answer: A qualified third-party valuator can complete the form for you.
  7. Do I need to submit additional paperwork with my fair market valuation form?

    Answer: Supporting documentation such as bank statements, value update statements, letters from the company the asset was purchased from are required if there is more than a 20% increase or decrease from the last reported value of the asset. 

  8. What if an asset no longer has any value?
    Answer: If the asset no longer has value, supporting documentation is required in order for us to devalue or remove the asset from your account. 
  9. Where do I complete the Fair Market Valuation form?
    Answer: Please complete the Fair Market Valuation form online by Jan. 7, 2022 to avoid a $75 late fee, by following the link that was sent to you via email. 
  10. How will I know that my form has been received?
    Answer: An email confirmation will be sent to you.